The Sequence (Full)
Run in from Crowd Left
540 ½ Cuban
Crowd Centre MRT
45 Right into Wingover L
45 Left Pull Up Roll and Wingover Right
Topside Pass
½ Horizontal
4 Point Roll
Canadian Break L to B Axis
¼ Clover to Crowd Left
45 Right and slow for ‘dirty’ pass
Dirty Pass with Gear and Flap Mid (<140)
45 Left clean up and wide Wingover Right
Slow Roll
MRT Right to A Axis
Inverted Pass
45 Left Wingover Right into Fast Pass
Pull up and Depart with ‘zoom rolls’

The Sequence (Flat/Limited)
Fast Pass
Wingover Left to 45
Belly Up to 45
Wingover Left to A-Axis
Break Left to B-Axis
Reposition to A-Axis
Break Right to B-Axis
Reposition to A-Axis
Position for topside
Wingover Right to A-Axis
Oblique Max Rate Turn at Crowd Centre
Configure and reposition to A-Axis
‘Dirty’ Pass
Clean up 360 at crowd centre and position to A-Axis
Topside to 45
Wingover R
Fast pass and depart

Both displays take 7-8 minutes to complete and the flat display is compliant with the CAA’s guidance on displays for permit to fly ex military jets.